Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tree, Lights, Check! - Week of Dec. 2nd

Cameron has been in a "helping" mode and asks to help out with everything!
This trait came in very handy for Christmas decorating... Chris and Jane have a system worked out for the holiday setup.
Chris brings everything up from the basement and takes out the tree.  Cam helps assemble the tree and they "unfold" all of the branches.  Then it's time for Jane to enlist Cam's assistance for ornamentation.

Cam was an excellent helper deciding which ornaments were placed where.  For the first time, we decided to place all of the family ones together and the special Cam ones in the same spot.  The finished product is one in which each family member played a role in its completion.
Although Stella the cat didn't lend her paws, she tends to lay underneath the tree where it seems she's convinced no one can see her.

Katie and Cam took a "field trip" out to our favorite farm stand, Heidi's.  While they picked out some goodies, they were given an ear of popcorn and were told to
place it in a paper bag in the microwave and it would "pop."
Chris and Jane weren't too sure about the explanation and had their reservations.  The doubters were proved wrong!  Sure enough, the ear of popcorn popped in the microwave and the ear of corn still had some attached.  Cam couldn't gobble it up quickly enough and certainly didn't have time to be interrupted for a photo shoot!  We highly recommend this very tasty treat!!

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