Sunday, March 9, 2008

7 Hours Straight - Week of Mar. 3rd

Cameron gave Chris and Jane a big surprise this week on Thursday night and Saturday night....he slept for an entire 7 hours straight! It was very exciting and restful. On Saturday evening, Cameron drank a whole 7 ounces! Way to go Cam!

Chris and Jane invested in an HD video camera to start recording Cameron's cutest moments. Of course, he doesn't always want to "perform" on cue, but neither does the cat, Stella, so they are definitely in on it together. Luckily, Chris set up a tripod so the taping is ready to go at any time.

Cameron is just starting to laugh and imagine his Grandma Mary Ellen's surprise on Friday when she heard him laughing in his crib. When she went in to get Cam out of his crib, he was laughing
at his reflection in the mirror. Chris & Jane laugh so much when Cameron starts to giggle. It is truly infectious.

Chris, Jane, & Cam hope your week is filled with smiles, giggles and restful sleep...

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