Sunday, March 23, 2008

Coco Visits - Week of Mar. 17th

What a busy week for Cameron! He had a very special visit from his cousin, Coco. She couldn't wait to meet Cam and she flew to Grand Rapids from New Jersey. They had such a fun time getting to know each other.
Cameron has continued his awesome sleeping pattern and has been averaging 7-8 hrs per night and a couple of naps during the day. He now drinks 7 oz before bed and about 6 oz when he wakes up and of course, quite a few in between. Chris and Jane are mixing in single grain cereal with 2 of his bottles.
On Friday, "Auntie Jo" Cam's godmother, stopped with an easter bunny and bunny book for Cameron. Then, with the surprise snowstorm, Cam's Grandma Mary Ellen had to stay in Grand Rapids and cousin Coco's return flight was canceled! The family ordered pizza and had a fun slumber party! Chris brought home some beautiful Easter bouquets.
On Easter Sunday, Grandma Mary Ellen & Grandpa Bill brought Easter baskets for everyone! For the very first time, Cameron accompanied his parents, grandparents and cousin Coco out for Easter Brunch at Marco's Restaurant. Cam received many compliments on his handsome outfit and good looks!! He was pretty tuckered out after such a busy day. Next year, he'll be hunting for some Easter eggs...

Happy Easter everyone!

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