Monday, March 17, 2008

Chris Away for Biz - Week of Mar. 10th

This week was the first time that Chris had to be away from his baby boy for 2 nights. Jane & Cam missed him very much. Neither Chris, Jane or Cam slept very well when they were away from each other. But, Cameron has continued his sleeping trend (for the most part) and now averages 7-8 hours per night!

On Thursday, Cameron had his last RSV vaccine shot and weighed in at 15 & 1/2 lbs! Way to go Cam!! Jane doesn't think he will miss those shots at all. Chris & Jane are so thankful for the vaccine as Cam hasn't been sick even once since he's been home.

Grandma Mary Ellen came to stay overnight on Thursday to help out Jane and to visit with her precious grandson a little more this week. On Friday, she and Jane took Cameron out in the sunshine for a walk in his stroller. The sun felt so warm and Cam couldn't believe how bright it was! Grandma was such a big help, as always.

On Saturday, Cameron had a very special visit from his "Auntie" Amanda. Amanda spent so much time with Jane in the hospital to watch over Cameron when he was first born. She was very surprised to see how much he had grown since she had last seen him. On Sunday, Dr. Amanda gave Cam his very first eye exam... and he passed. Thanks so much Auntie Amanda!

Here's hoping everyone sees lots of sunshine this week!!

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