Sunday, May 2, 2010

Negative on Napping - Week of Apr. 26th

As Cameron settled into his second week of school, it became clear that he also decided he didn't need a nap anymore. Much to the surprise of his parents, nanny, grandma, and teachers, the big boy persevered through every day without any additional daytime rest required. Cam may be ready to give up his naps, but everyone else would've loved to see them last a bit longer...

Cam experienced school solo this week since Jane dropped him off and picked him up each day. Although he was a bit upset to see his Mom leave every day, his teachers said that he did indeed end up having fun with activities and playtime. When Jane saw him each day after school, she could tell he was a very happy boy. Cameron showed Grandma one of his playground favorites- the teeter-totter! Cam's first art project traveled home and Chris and Jane now have a lovely parsley plant to enjoy.

With all of this school time, there is no concern that Cam isn't getting enough play time at home...Chris always knows how to see things from a different perspective and everyone loves a yummy popsicle now and then!

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