Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bus Ride & Big Fish - Week of May 10th

Cameron rode the school bus home twice this week! According to his bus driver, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience and didn't cry (or sleep) the entire hour ride home. Cam hasn't taken the bus on the ride to school, yet, but he will soon. Chris and Jane are so thankful that their big boy is having fun at school and liking the bus ride!

All of the neighbors are very engaging with Cam and one of his favorite activities is visiting with Ken & Mickey next door. Ken has a beautiful pond full of koi fish that provides a neighborhood aquarium for everyone to enjoy.

Cameron likes to look at the fish but we've told him that he's not allowed to swim with them...
He does get to swim in the hot tub, though. And many thanks to Annie for taking him in!

Cam definitely has some favorite toys that he plays with and most of those favorites make lots of noise! Pictured is his favorite truck that speeds forward and backwards after pressing a button. Parents beware that this gem was an under $5 buy from Meijers!

After a long day of work, the best medicine for Jane & Chris is to hang out with their boy and hear his laughter. It just might be the cure for anything that ails you!!

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