Sunday, May 9, 2010

School Fun & Mom's Day- Week of May 3rd

Cameron has been adjusting well to school and enjoying all of the activities! The week was spent working on art activities, story time, music group, and hanging out with his new school buddies.
It certainly is strangely quiet around the house three mornings a week now for Jane, working from home.

Since Cam was lucky enough to receive two backpacks for preschool, he really loves to show them off. Pictured is the one that Auntie Jo, his wonderful godmother, gave him filled with all sorts of schooltime treats and necessities.

It seems that each and every week can bring on a new experience for Cam. This week being no exception, included a tasty corndog (not exactly the most nutricious dinner!) that Cameron thoroughly enoyed!

Jane and Grandma had a great Mother's Day by celebrating with Cameron, Chris, and Grandpa at the family cottage on Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful, brisk sunny day. Chris and Cam gave Jane a homemade Mother's Day card and a wireless photo card reader which Jane was very excited about! Best of all, Cam gave out lots of kisses and smiles and giggles!

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