Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Visitors and Cookouts- Week of July 12th

Grandma Suzanne and Patricia arrived for a visit to spend some time with Cameron, Chris and Jane. They brought Cam some adorable puppets to play with. The ladies had fun and were a bit surprised by our warm weather, considering they live in Arizona!

Social gatherings are definitely a favorite of Cameron's, especially in the summer. The Raisch girls joined the family for a picnic. Emma and Cam had a sticker contest, trying to get the most stickers on their clothes. It may have been a tie!

The weekend included a cookout with the Wordens and friends. Although the big John Deere tractor in their barn looked intimidating, Chris placed Cam right in the seat and he really liked it! The tractor did remain in the barn since Cameron doesn't have his driver's license yet.
After a fun-filled weekend, Cam is getting ready to head back to school next week after a two-week hiatus.
Let's hope he's just as excited heading back to his classmates and teachers as he has been about all of his extra activities!

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