Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Day for Moms - Week of May 6th

Delivery from Auntie Ronda!

Ashley, Peter, Marcie & Cam
Cameron kept himself busy in
preparation for Mother's Day.

Each week, Cam's Advanced PT students at GVSU keep him working on activities.  During a quick break, Ms. Ashley showed Cam her ukelele.  He really liked playing a tune!

Chris had Cam try out the new riding mower.  He decided Cam isn't quite ready to mow the lawn solo, seeing as how his feet don't reach the pedals yet.  But one day, father and son may be flipping a coin to see who wins to complete this chore.

As the person blessed to be Cameron's Mom, it is fun to have a special day reserved for mothers.  And what a day it was!  Chris and Cam woke up before Jane (and graciously told her to sleep in), and quietly drove to one of our favorite breakfast places, Sundance, to pick up our morning meal.  They also stopped at one of Jane's guiltiest pleasures, Starbucks, for a delicious coffee.  When Cam's mom walked in the kitchen to greet her boys, there was a scrumptious breakfast, coffee, and presents!
Water Dancing Speakers

Cam was very excited to have his Mom open presents- he had picked out a sweet smelling candle and both he and Chris gave Jane the coolest speakers ever...

Cousins Coco and Libby joined the family and Oma and Opa to go out for a very late lunch at Carraba's.  Call-ahead-seating seemed like a great idea at the time...however, after a 45-minute wait, we weren't too sure.  Cam was such a trooper waiting in the very crowded restaurant!  Chris was trying to explain the finer points of selecting wine when we were finally called to a table.  The delicious food and great company made our Mother's Day meal so enjoyable- many thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, Coco and Libby for making the day so very special.
Cameron is blessed to have many "moms" in his life and we celebrate you all!

 "God could not be everywhere, and therefore He made mothers."   ~ Jewish proverb  
"At its best, motherhood is a communal project.  It takes a village, sometimes several villages, indeed."  ~Edwidge Danticat
 (Excerpts from the book "Mom Candy"- given to Jane by Auntie Karen)

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