Sunday, October 19, 2014

Surprises! - Week of Oct. 13th

Mum from 'Auntie' Karen
now in full bloom
 Color view from our driveway
 The fall colors this year seem extra vibrant!  Everywhere you look, trees are bursting with different hues of red, orange and yellow.
It seems that when you think you've seen the most beautiful one, around the next corner you're surprised once again.

Friday held a big surprise for Cam after school.  He knew Miss Ann was coming to Cam-sit that evening, but he didn't know that Katherine (aka- Ah-Dah) was planning an unscheduled stop as well.  Not only was she greeted by screams of delight from Cam, but she also brought yummy Culver's chocolate milkshakes for everyone!
When Jane broke out the camera, someone couldn't stop sipping the delicious drink long enough to look up...

We've been told on many occasions by different people (via unsolicited opinions) that Cam has the innate ability to brighten anyone's day, especially if it's been less than stellar.  And on this particular Friday, Katherine decided she needed her "Cam fix."  We're happy to report that Cam did his job as we watched a smiling Ah-Dah go on her way.
Ann and Katherine also gave their favorite 7-year-old a cool gift
from their recent trip to Mackinaw Island.  Cam's bedroom door is now adorned with a Cameron St. sign!  He wants to show it to everyone.

We can't give away Cam's choice for his Halloween costume this year just yet, but we will tempt you with a picture of the guys creating something that involves power tools and safety glasses!

We had a quick trip to visit Oma and Opa's on Sunday to enjoy a tasty brunch and play some games.  We kept noting the pretty fall colors everywhere.
Since pictures can't do the beauty justice, we encourage you to go out....and be surprised!

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