Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Baseball....Going, Going, Gone - Week of Oct. 6th

Cam is perfecting his negotiating skills these days.  In the evenings, before bedtime, he has the option of watching a show, as in 1...that has now become "Mom, 2 please."  So, as Cam's last fall baseball game approached, he woke up Saturday morning asking for two baseball games!

We were so fortunate to have such a beautiful day for the WMML league to take the field one last time for 2014.  And even though Cam played a single game (not two), we all felt it was one of his most memorable.  The Pirates team was down a couple of players so our boy had an opportunity to clear all of the bases while the crowd cheered him on, chanting his name!  He flashed that winning smile as he crossed home plate.  After the game, each player was presented with a medal which Cam was super excited to show off. As a send-off for the season, each team member picked out a pumpkin and was given a handmade quilt from a community member.

To continue with the winning day, Cameron's favorite buddy Emma stopped by for one their repeated activities, playing school.  There is a system to setting up the school and going through the checklist. And there is real learning going on here with Q&A time, math and reading.  Of course, snack time is built into the agenda as well.

Speaking of snacking, Auntie Ronda stopped by this week to make banana bread with Cam.  It was a most delicious batch, especially with the mini chocolate chips added throughout.

During the baking process, we thought it might be fun to have a little dance party in the kitchen!
Not everyone can dance on the countertop, but Cam thinks it rocks!

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