Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lots of Friends - Week of Aug. 4th

Cameron's newest favorite snack to eat is Nilla Wafers-
he loves the taste and eats them in little pieces. He happily smiles and 'says' hmmmm' when he eats them, which translates into 'yummy!' Cam was Mr. Social this week... on Thursday afternoon, he ventured up to Stony Lake with Jane & Grandma to visit close family friends, known as the second family. Cameron met Jimmy (a.k.a. Umpy), Barb, Sarah, & Matt. He easily went to them since he they introduced the tasty Nilla's!

On Friday & Saturday, Chris, Jane & Cam hung out with the Cronk family at the cottage. They had lots of fun playing on the beach. Cam's parents look forward to helping to prepare Hannah for babysitting in a couple of years.
Next year, the Cronk's youngest, Thomas, will have team up with Cameron to play with the girls.

Saturday was a special evening as Chris & Jane celebrated their 5-year wedding anniversary. Lucky Cameron stayed at the cottage to play with his nanny & cousin, Annie. Thanks Annie!!
On Sunday, Cameron met lots of new cousins at Aunt Mary's retirement party! It was a long drive home and after all of that activity, Cam slept 10 hours... yeah!

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