Sunday, August 3, 2008

VROOM - Week of July 28th

Cameron has increased his sound vocabulary as Chris & Jane try to remember all of the new things, including a single "da" which was expressed very clearly.

This week Cameron hung out his babysitter, Sarah, twice and he was a happy camper!

The weekend included another beach trip for Cameron and Chris decided to get his toes wet in Lake Michigan. Cameron wasn't too keen on the chillier water and is definitely hoping the next time in feels a little more like his bath.

On Saturday, Cameron met a very good friend of Chris & Jane's, 'Auntie' Leslie, who drove up from Indiana with JB. Leslie brought Cam an assortment of Indianapolis Colts sports balls to play with. Thanks Leslie! His favorite appeared to be the softball, as it made him giggle like crazy.

Cameron also giggles at funny new words... Grandma said "vroom, vroom" and Cam couldn't stop giggling over that sound.

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