Monday, July 28, 2008

Bumbo Chair - Week of July 21st

Although summer is flying by much too quickly, Cameron was able to enjoy the first part of the week at the lake with Jane.

Chris welcomed them home Tuesday night and Cam showed off his new trick of trying to grab his spoon while he's being fed. Apparently, he doesn't think that his parents can feed him fast enough!

Jane had to spend two nights in Chicago for work, so Grandma stayed over one night to help out- thanks so much, Grandma!! After all of the traveling, it was fun to be home for the weekend and have the family together.

Cameron has been working on sitting up more and he now has a Bumbo which supports him, but still allows him to build his upper body strength.

Over the weekend, he played in the grass with Chris and went out to dinner with his parents on Saturday- he most certainly was the best-behaved kid in the restaurant...not that anyone is biased...

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