Sunday, July 13, 2008

Grandma Suzanne - Week of July 7th

The week started with Cameron's parents wondering if he was nocturnal, since he was waking up at least three times every night. However, it turns out, the drooling boy is teething. (Everything goes in his mouth!) He had a surprise visit to the doctor on Friday to be sure he didn't have an ear infection, so Cam got an unscheduled weigh in: 19.5 lbs! Such a big boy!

The weekend for very busy for Cam. He met his Grandma Suzanne and Uncle Ulysses for the very first time on Saturday. Cameron showed off his tummy time skills and rolling. Grandma Suzanne made him a special "ABC" quilt. His giggle is everyone's favorite. Chris & Jane are amazed at the little things he will find funny.

Sunday was a fun-filled day at the family cottage so lucky Cameron had two Grandmas to play with and capture his attention.

Cam can now sit on the couch with the cushion behind him. He certainly acts like he wants to crawl, but just doesn't quite have all of those moves down yet.
Jane is on vacation next week for some beach time with Cam and family!!

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