Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Laptop - Week of Aug. 25th

Cameron enjoyed his official last week of summer. One of his new favorite bday toys is a little baby 'laptop' pictured here. Cam attended his first neighborhood party on Monday where he had lots of attention from all of the neighbor ladies. He also had his first bite of pineapple- yum!

One of Cameron's favorite playtime tricks is the upside down game with his Dad. It makes him giggle so much! Cam also thinks his spoon is pretty tasty and he's attempted to 'steal' the spoon and try to feed himself. However, he still needs a little assistance in that department!

Over the weekend, Cameron had fun hanging out at the cottage with Grandma & Grandpa and on the beach with their good friends, the Meade family, 'Auntie' Leslie & JB, and all of the cousins, aunts and uncles. Cam also met his Aunt Tracy for the first time.
To top off the weekend, Cameron had quite a few bites of homemade vanilla ice cream, which seems to be one of his most favorite treats. To quote from Cam himself..."Hmmmmm,ummmmm,hmmmm."

We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!

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