Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hey Will! - Week of Sept. 1st

We'd like to welcome William Carter Alford into the world as he is the first son of Cam's godparents, Chris & Jo! Will arrived Friday weighing 7lbs and measuring 20 inches. Welcome to the world, Will!!

Cameron had a great week getting back into his routine after being up at the lake for the long holiday weekend. After all of the excitement on Friday with the arrival of Cam's future best buddy, Will, Chris & Jane decided it was time for a special treat for Cameron.
On Saturday, the family and 'Auntie' Ro walked to Pal's Diner.
Cam loves to ride in his jogging stroller and Chris & Jane love the Ipod hookup!! A yummy dinner complete with classic rock'n'roll music was a treat. Cameron enjoyed some tasty vanilla ice cream, which definitely seems to be his favorite...

After dinner, Chris discovered a big surprise-- he felt Cam's first tooth starting to push through his bottom gum!! It won't be long now before Cameron starts showing some white stuff in that cutie, wide smile of his.

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