Sunday, September 21, 2008

Congradulations Liz and Dave - Week of Sept. 15th

Cameron is working with 'touch & feel' books this week to associate words/sounds with animals and their different fur textures. These are his favorite books and he seems so interested in them.
Cam's 'Auntie' Amanda came for a visit at the end of the week and she was so surprised to see how grown up Cam has become. She told him that he's growing up much too fast! Cam says he's very excited to have Dr. Amanda check his eyes when he's older.
On Saturday, the family drove to downtown Chicago for a very special cousin's wedding for Liz Jellema. Cameron had tons of fun in the windy city.
On Saturday evening, he attended a special barbeque in Millenium Park in honor of the happy couple. He loved seeing all of his cousins and even had extra time with his nanny, cousin Anne.

Sunday was an another adventure when Cameron went with Chris, Jane, Grandma & Grandpa back to Millenium Park to hang out at the Crown Fountain. If you've never been to the Fountain, it is a must-see for kids and adults. It's a very large splash park and feels great on a warm day... Cam absolutely loved getting his feet wet! After a long walk along the lakeshore, the family had to get ready to attend Liz & Dave's wedding. What a wonderful evening everyone had!! Cameron gets the award for being the youngest cousin to stay awake and hang out both Saturday & Sunday night!! Chris & Jane wonder if this is an award or a payback for their own late nights of earlier years...either way,
Cam had a great time and the entire family wishes Liz & Dave a wonderful life together!

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