Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chicago - Week of Sept. 22nd

The family was still in Chicago on Monday, so before leaving town, Grandma, Grandpa, Annie, Chris & Jane took Cameron to see Shedd's Aquarium. He watched the exotic fish, sharks and stingray swim around and saw a giant sea turtle named Nickel. After a long drive home, Cam had a good rest.

Cameron's teeth are still causing him some irregular sleeping this week, but when he's awake, he's still a happy camper as you can see!

Saturday was the most exciting day. Chris & Jane brought Cam to the NICU (neo-natal ICU) Reunion! The family reunited with their 'roomies' from NICU & NIM, twins Lindzi & Loghan. Cam got reaquainted with his pals and Chris & Jane had fun catching up with the twins' parents, Tony & Paula. The kids have all come such a long way and everyone promised to keep in touch.

It was fun to also see another NICU friend, Taylor, whose mom, Jenny, became good friends with Jane when both of them saw each other daily during the hospital stay. Nurse Deb couldn't believe how much Cam had grown and couldn't resist holding him, just as she did so often when he was at Spectrum. Cameron's NNP (Neonatal Nurse Practioner), Laurie, stopped by with her twin girls to see the big boy as well. Laurie was such a huge help to Chris, Jane, and Cam and they were so happy to see her again! Although Cam didn't get to see all of his favorite nurses (especially Lora, Tammy, Jan, Mindy...and the list goes on), he still enjoyed seeing some old pals.

What a wonderful day it was for everyone!

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