Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sippy Cup - Week of Sept 29th

Cameron had a busy week hosting dinner guests!

This week, he dined with the Alfords and met his future best buddy, 1-month old Will, for the first time. Although the boys can't play together yet, Jane & Joanne have many playdates already mapped out!

On Wednesday eve, he hung out with his twin cousins, Mike & Eric who are headed to Germany for a vacation.

Cam is now meeting with his developmental therapist, Julie, every week. This week brought some great news- Cameron is right on par with his eating skills. Way to go Cam! He's now eating food with "textures" and drinking out of a sippy cup with help.

Thank goodness for Annie & Grandma taking such good care of him every week to help his developmental skills see continued progress.

Much to Chris & Jane's relief, Cameron's sleeping skills have improved as well and he's back on course with napping and sleeping through the night...maybe he really likes the new aquarium in his crib, or it could be he's just sleepy after a very busy day...good night everyone.

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