Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big Horsey - Week of Oct. 6th

Every week brings a new adventure, or two for Cameron...

This week, Cam continued eating new things and one of his favorites is definitely scrambled eggs! However, the top of the list has to be his Uncle Joe's garden sweet potatoes- yum, yum!

Cameron also tried to help Jane type on her computer. Somehow in the process, he actually pressed the correct sequence of keys to log her off- he's on his way to being a pc genius, just like his Dad.

Friday was a big day for Cam because he picked up his new glasses with Jane & Grandma. Doesn't he look like a genius?! Now Jane feels like she needs glasses too since Chris, Grandma, & Cam all have them...

Saturday was a big outing to Lamoreaux Ridge farm in Grandville. Jane's good friend, Mary, told the family about a festival they were having complete with pony rides. Cam and his parents headed out and Cam's godmother, Joanne, met them there. What a perfect day to be outside. Cameron saw a big red fire engine and firefighter there and also took his very first pony ride! He really seemed to enjoy it and gave the pony named Bunny a nice pat afterwards. Thank goodness Bunny was good-natured, because Cam squeezed a bit of her mane while he was on her back! Many thanks to 'Auntie' Jo for joining in the fun and taking some great
pics! And also to 'Auntie' Mary for showing everyone around the barn and picking out the perfect pony for Cam to ride.
Sunday was such a beautiful day just made for being outside, so Chris & Jane walked with Cam to Sundance for a late breakfast. The big boy enjoyed his first taste of pumpkin pancake, which was followed by a hmmmm, which means 'very tasty.' Cameron enjoyed the ride and Chris & Jane felt good about the 5 mile trek. Hope everyone enjoyed the outdoors as much as Cam did!

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Anonymous said...

Cam you are getting so big! Congrats on joining the people with glasses! Myself, and my nephew Cole. He is 2 and just got his glasses. Welcome.