Sunday, September 14, 2008

Teething - Week of Sept. 8th

This week, Cameron has been trying to figure out these new teeth that are trying to push through his gums!
His sleeping patterns have been a big irregular, but he's still a happy guy when he's awake.
Cam's definitely more interested in the teething rings, as they provide some comfort.

On Friday, Chris, Jane & Cam traveled up to the cottage and had a yummy dinner with cousins Mike & Annie.
Grandma & Grandpa were very happy to see their grandson on Saturday. As a special treat, the Schulzes babysat Cameron on Saturday night because they treated Chris & Jane to dinner out in Muskegon.
Cam wore his special baseball Phillies jersey that Uncle Joe gave him. Thanks so much Aunt Joyce, Uncle Joe & Annie for babysitting!

It was such a rainy weekend and being outside wasn't much of an option.
As a sweet surprise, Chris ventured out on Sunday to "run a Home Depot errand" and came home with a new toy for Cam and a dozen roses for Jane.
Cameron & Jane already know, but it is worth saying that Chris is the best dad/husband ever!!

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