Sunday, August 17, 2008

1st Birthday - Week of Aug. 11th

Headline: Cameron Jackson celebrates his 1st Birthday!!

Another socially packed weekend awaited Cameron...

On Friday eve, Cam and his parents had fun at Chris' company picnic in Ada Park. Chris volunteered for the 'Flush Tank' for charity, and needless to say, helped raise enough money to be totally soaked! Then, the family drove up to the cottage to see Grandma and Grandpa and to say goodbye to some of their favorite cousins, who had to leave early the next day.

On Saturday, Cameron met more of his Stony Lake 'family' and had a great time hanging out with the families that are so very special to Jane. Caroline, who Jane used to babysit, changed Cam's diapers 3 times that day- and she swore she'd never change a diaper- way to go Caroline! Cameron enjoyed a wonderful bonfire too- pictured here is his 'Aunt' Sally.

Sunday was Cameron's first birthday and Grandma ordered him a special "Smashcake." Cam's Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins all joined in the fun. And boy, did he smash that cake! Luckily, Grandma ordered another cake for everyone else!!
Cam eagerly helped his Mom open every present and seemed intrigued with each and every one of them. Cameron wants to thank everyone for celebrating and for all of his special gifts!! Pictured is the aftermath of the mashcake! Thanks Grandma for letting Cameron make such a big mess- what a great first birthday!!

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