Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trolley Ride & Cousin's Birthday - Week of Oct. 4th

Cameron's first official school pictures were taken on Thursday! School pics have definitely changed since an online catalog now allows for the choice between 50 different backgrounds! Stay tuned for the school pic in a later blog.
For the big game on Saturday, Cameron sported a jersey from his 'Auntie' Bobbi and 'Unc' Keith. Cam is keeping a watchful eye on the game while petting Stella...

By far, the highlight of Cam's week was celebrating his cousin's 4th birthday. Cameron's cousin, Harry, had quite the day by providing a trolley ride for all his party guests. The trolley left Harry's home near Easttown and traveled all around downtown Grand Rapids past many of the art prize exhibits and through John Ball Park zoo. The final stop was Harry's favorite restaurant- Jonny B'z for hot dogs! The food was delicious, enjoyed by all, and the homemade cupcakes were very yummy indeed. Many thanks to the Cornell family for all of the treats:)
It's easy to see that Cam looks up to his cousin, Harry, and was so excited to be invited to his awesome birthday party!

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