Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bad Habits? - Week of Apr. 5th

It won't be long before Cameron starts going to school 3 mornings a week!! In anticipation of being in a disciplined school setting, Chris thought it might be fun to let Cam "break the rules" so to speak...
Here, Cam is learning the fine art of obtaining a quick drink of milk when one just can't take the time to find a cup.

Scooting around on the hot tub on the back deck is a fun activity, but Cam does agree that it's much more fun to be splashing around in the hot tub, as opposed to being on top of it.

Hanging out on one of the deck chairs is also relaxing for the big boy. And hanging out with 'Auntie' Jo was fun for the entire family when they ventured to Holland on Saturday eve.

Cameron had a fun walk with the neighbor girls on Sunday and ended his week with a tasty treat of his Grandma's homemade chocolate cookies- yum, yum!! Many thanks, Grandma!

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