Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home Alone- Week of Apr. 12th

This week, Cameron experienced quality time with both of his parents, but mostly at separate times... Jane traveled to Philadelphia early Tuesday and returned late Wednesday...Chris left for a Florida trip on Thursday afternoon, returning on Sunday.

It seemed like the perfect time to introduce Cam to some additional chores and independence!

He helped his Dad take the garbage can in on Monday evening, which although seeming like a mundane task, is turned into a fun one when Cam and his Dad are involved.

One thing that Cameron doesn't mind doing at all is cleaning off his own tray. He is such a good helper and even completes the task with a smile!

His nightly drink of milk is something he can handle on his own as well- way to go Cam!

There were certainly lots of family around this week to hang out with the popular boy- special thanks to Grandma, Annie, Aunt Joyce & Uncle Joe!!

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