Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl! - Week of Jan. 28th

Maybe Cameron needed a change of scenery, or just wanted to hang out with 'Big Sis' Lauren for awhile, or maybe Cam decided that his parents had too many bags under their eyes. Whatever the reason, on Tuesday, Jan. 29th, Cameron slept an entire 6 hours!! (Hallelujah-- imagine singing here...) The trend continued through the week and Chris and Jane could not be happier.

Cameron's cousin, Maya, who lives in Virginia, was having some trouble sleeping through the night as well. Maya's parents are convinced that Cam called her when Chris and Jane weren't looking to tell her how cool this new sleeping thing is-- way to go Maya! And happy sleeping, Dirk & Lisa.

Cameron has had lots of fun at the Ringlers. He's been noticing his toys more and trying to grasp things (including his parents skin!) and appears more alert to his surroundings every day.

For Superbowl Sunday, Cam sported a football outfit to cheer on the teams. Chris & Jane weren't exactly sure who he was rooting for, but Cam looked wide-eyed when Eli made that touchdown pass with less than 2 minutes left in the game. Congrats Giants!! And Congrats to Cameron for finally discovering uninterrupted slumber...

Good Night:)

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