Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Doggie? - Week of Jan. 21st

This week Cameron officially tried his first taste of formula bottles- he really seems to like it! Cam is back to his full bottles now and Jane & Chris couldn't be happier.

Friday was a big day for Cameron. On this day, Chris and Jane brought Cam (and all of his 'gear') over to the Ringler's where they are staying with Lauren and pets until Feb. 6th. Cameron's parents were so proud of how well he adjusted to a different crib and new surroundings. In fact, Chris and Jane think the change of scenery has been very good for him.

Cam also met Ringler's dog, Ajax. This was the first time Cameron ever saw a dog (and maybe the first time Ajax was this close to a baby) and they both seemed to thoroughly enjoy the new experience.

Cam's parent experienced two whole nights of 4-hour periods of uninterrupted sleep - this was a first and hopefully the sign of many more to come!

(apologies for the late posting this week- Chris & Jane were enjoying their new found sleep!)

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