Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wow, 13 lbs - Week of Jan. 7th

This was a big week for Cameron. On Tuesday, Chris and Jane brought him to Spectrum for his first Progress Clinic. The Clinic is to chart the progress of premature infants cared for by Spectrum hospital. Cam was weighed and measured (13 lbs, 3 oz and 22 inches long!) and wasn't very happy about being undressed for the whole ordeal... Cam's parents didn't think he would be too agreeable with the doctor. However, Cameron had his own ideas. He proceeded to be a complete show-off! Cam's parents watched with pride as he smiled, cooed, and even tried to roll over. The doc told Chris and Jane that she gave their son an A+!!

The remainder of the week was spent working with Cameron on his new objectives- bat at toys in front of him, roll over from tummy to back in both directions, and be a generally happy baby.

Cameron's Grandma Mary Ellen discovered that he likes to watch the snow fall outside. She said he seemed to be fascinated by all of the snowflakes. Since this is a common event in Michigan, it's fairly safe to say he'll see a lot more!

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