Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years! - Week of Dec. 31st

Welcome to 2008!! Chris, Jane & Cameron spent a quiet New Year's Eve together at home thinking up New Year's resolutions. Cameron's resolution is try his best to sleep through the night for his parents. Chris & Jane certainly hope this resolution comes true!! January 1st was spent watching the Michigan bowl game and yeah for the big win!! (We know Cam's godfather was very relieved!)

Cameron has a few new tricks in this first week of 2008. While laying on his tummy, he can roll over to his back. Cam's very cute when he performs this trick as he appears to look surprised every time it happens. Cameron is also smiling a lot more and is perfecting his "pouty" face when things aren't going his way!

Chris and Jane finally took down the Christmas tree. Cameron will miss the bright sparkling lights and ornaments, but Stella will miss her "tree fort" the most...

Chris, Jane & Cameron wish all of you the very best for 2008!!

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