Monday, February 11, 2008

Home Again - Week of Feb. 4th

Cameron, Jane and Chris came home from Ringlers on Wed. eve. They all had so much fun staying with Lauren and the pets!
Cameron's parents were a little nervous that Cam's sleeping habits wouldn't continue. However, Cam had a restful 6 straight hours of sleep that evening!

Cameron had some visitors on Thursday, his Aunt Joyce and Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe explained more baseball jargon to Cameron, who really seemed to take it all in. Aunt Joyce watched Cam as she realized he discovered he likes to suck on his hand, and laughed when he tried to fit both hands in his mouth.

Cam's Grandma Mary Ellen was here on Friday and couldn't believe how much Cameron had changed since she hadn't seen him for 2 weeks (due to our lovely Michigan weather!). Cam was very happy to see his Grandma again.

Cameron saw his buddy, Maureen, on Saturday when she came to babysit Cam for a few hours while Chris and Jane ran some errands and met Cam's godparents for a bite to eat. The rest of the weekend was spent staying cozy and warm, and that's very easy to do when there's a cozy, warm Cameron to cuddle with!

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