Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mall Racing- Week of Sept. 28th

With the crazy weather this week, alternative plans had to be made for Cameron's daily exercise...

Centerpointe Mall proved to be the perfect place for Cam to walk as much as he wanted to in the new electric lime walker. He's almost a blur since he goes by so quickly... Jane told Chris that Cam sure loves to go fast and Chris commented, "Well, every race car driver does!"

When the weather cooperates, our driveway works well too since it has a small incline and the walker includes a feature on the wheels that allows for greater resistance downhill and little resistance uphill. In this particular video, Chris opted to give Cam a break with zero resistance heading down the driveway so that he could really have some fun...

The weekend included a trip up to the family cottage where Chris and Uncle Joe put up some snow fencing in an attempt to spare the beach volleyball court for next summer. Many thanks to Uncle Joe for expert fencing assistance and to Aunt Joyce for spending quality time with Cam! Although it was a bit cool at the lake, Cam had a great time hanging out with his aunt and uncle and of course, his awesome cousins.

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