Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Survived Sunday School! -Week of Sept. 21st

With fall in the air and seasonal changes right around the corner, Cameron experienced a few changes himself this week....

On Monday, Cam dined with his Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Tracy at Charley's Crab for the first time! They celebrated Aunt Tracy's birthday and Cam seriously thinks that someone should have a birthday every week so that he can have tasty cake!

Another first is Cam's brand new walker/pacer that he is having lots of fun with! Cam loves being able to walk up and down the driveway by himself. In his electric lime ride, he looks pretty cool cruising around. Cameron has even walked up to the top of our hill where there is a cul-de-sac, so those legs are getting plenty of exercise. Many thanks to Julie for providing Cam's new wheels! (pics next week:)

After a busy week, Saturday was playtime as Cam had some fun on the exercise ball. And on Sunday, the entire family attended Cascade Fellowship church with their neighbors, Ken & Mickey. Chris and Jane thought that Cameron would be ok in the casual atmosphere, but after a few minutes, he became a little antsy. Chris took Cam up to the nursery to "check out the kids" in the 0-23 month room. And then, Chris came back to church without Cameron! And the big boy stayed in the nursery for the entire time, and according to the caretakers, had fun! When Jane & Chris went to gather up their boy, he was quite content, but then he saw his parents and was a tad upset. Luckily, there was a little girl close to his age who took it upon herself to comfort him- how sweet! The family plans to go regularly, especially since Cam had such a great nursery experience. After church, the family had lunch at one of their favorite spots, Sundance. Cameron enjoyed a tasty grilled cheese and the boy slept for almost 3 hours Sunday afternoon!


Chris Weatherford said...

I can't decide which is cuter...Cam and his new friend or my lovely wife.

annie said...

ummmmm of course both:)