Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mega Block Towers- Week of Oct. 5th

With the weather still a little weird this week, we became "regulars" at Centerpointe Mall. Cameron loves to race around and he sure does take great naps after all that exercise! Cam says kisses to Annie for all the help with the extra activity...

Thanks to the Huey family, Cam received a special surprise in the mail...180 mega blocks to build the biggest mega block towers around!! Of course, this is one of the specialities that Cam's Dad excels in. Chris & Cam had lots of fun building towers all week long.

Saturday was filled with activities- Cam and his parents went to cheer on their neighbors, Megan, Sarah, and Jenna in the kid's soccer game. Pictured from left to right is Anna holding Cam, Megan, Jenna, Matthew, Sarah, and Emma.
What an exciting time and the girls won their game- yeah!

In the evening, the family joined their good friends, the Meade family for a yummy pizza dinner and homemade cupcakes.

Cameron still likes to play with his laptop, especially when he's in his highchair, which is like his 'work desk.'

Now, if only he could help out his parents with all of their computer work!

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