Sunday, March 1, 2015

Off to McDonald's - Week of Feb. 23rd

Although winter continues to hang on, the wildlife is out foraging for food as noted by the deer down by our mailbox.  We have experienced more sunshine than usual, though, and the blue skies are a welcome sight.

Oma came into town to spend the night on Friday.  It was an exciting evening filled with books, games and a delicious dinner.  It's always a treat when Cam's grandma is here.  In true grandma-fashion, she's ready to play any game, and provide some baking tips for her grandson. The memory game is one of Cam's favorites and the duo also baked some yummy biscuits together.

On Saturday morning, a family outing to McDonald's was on the agenda.  Auntie Karen sent Cam his very first gift card for Valentine's day!
Although Karen couldn't be here, Oma was willing to go with us.

Cam hadn't had a McD's breakfast, so he decided to try everything.  He and Chris shared the "Big Breakfast" which includes 3 pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, hash brown, and a biscuit.  Cameron couldn't stop laughing about the fact that he was eating a "big tater tot" for breakfast!  Turns out McDonald's is pretty busy on Saturday mornings.  Cam talked to a truck driver who was headed to Minnesota for a delivery.  The truck reminded Cam of his favorite show "Mighty Machines."  Many thanks to Auntie Karen for such a fun treat!

To round out the weekend, buddies Emma and Cam played some Zingo, which is like bingo with an automatic dispenser.  There was much laughter when the pals each filled up their Zingo card at...the...exact...same...time!
Cam and Emma were convinced this rarely happens.
Pretty exciting times in the Weatherford household!

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