Sunday, March 29, 2015

Big Helper - Week of Mar. 23rd

Cam has always been ready and willing (and asking) to help with things.
In Chris' office, there are many different options one can work on and each of them usually involves technology.

Jane walked into the office one evening to hear Cam telling Chris to "re-boot it Dad" - valid advice that seems to fix most issues.
Sometimes, though, a closer inspection is required and Cam actively assists his dad with all troubleshooting activities and is definitely much more patient with electronics than his mom is!

Over the weekend, we had some buddies visit.  Emma arrived for egg decorating festivities.
She had a great idea to use tape to make a cross on her egg and then dip it in the colored solution.  After it dried, we took off the tape to reveal
the cross-- pretty creative.  Cam was quite intent on dipping the eggs to just the right color equation.  We even colored one half of an egg blue
and the other half yellow.  Many thanks to Oma for bringing us the hard boiled eggs in advance- that certainly saved some time!

In the afternoon, buddy Will and Auntie Jo stopped by to hang out for awhile.  It's always cute to watch these two together.

One year apart and getting older, but not too old to give a good buddy a hug!!

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