Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter! - Week of Mar. 30th

A long break from school began on Thursday for Cameron.  He and Kelsey tried a new game of traversing down the stairs in snowpants!  It provided a good cushion as well as slide power.

On Friday, Cam and Jane met buddies Liam and his mom, Betsy at the movie theater.  We were excited to finally see the Paddington movie!  We all recommend it and between the four of us, a large tub of popcorn was easily devoured.  As Betsy and I have proven in the past, when our boys get together, it is a near impossibility to have them looking at a camera at the exact same moment.

Easter morning we were all busy getting ready to meet the Raisch family for church.  Cam and his parents enjoyed meeting some new people and the service was good.   As we ventured towards home, someone was anticipating an Easter egg hunt.  After finding 12 expertly hidden eggs, Cam relaxed with his Oma & Opa on the porch swing.

There were also special baskets for the family.  For Jane & Chris -flowers as well as a beautiful basket filled with the freshest fruit.  Cam received some delicious chocolates, a new book and bubbles you can bounce on your hand with a special glove!

We were so happy to see cousins Coco and Libby, who joined us for Easter dinner.  For the first time, Cam said the prayer for our dinner and thanked everyone for being there.

After dining, with our bellies stuffed full of spiral ham, scalloped potatoes, veggies, fruit and rolls, we huddled together for a family pic.

Later, Chris & Cam decided it was time to work off some of that delicious food by exercising...and laughing!

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