Sunday, April 26, 2015

Let's Play Ball! - Week of Apr. 20th

If you entered our home at any given time, most likely you would hear laughter...not because we are comedic-ally talented, but moreover due to Cam's happy disposition.  

While baking this week with his favorite banana bread baker, Auntie Roe, he proceeded to somehow get flour on his nose, which prompted Auntie Roe to find some on her nose, and then they both had to place a bit on Jane's nose.

Cam's swimming lessons at Mary Free Bed are back in session with the same instructor, Ms. Laura.  He's now much more comfortable and relaxed. His favorite position is most definitely floating on his back!

As the end of the week approached, Cam couldn't wait to go to school on Friday.  Many months ago, our first grader was the winning recipient of a lunch pizza party with friends.  He was able to choose a total of 5 friends to join him for a feast of pizza, breadsticks, fruit and snacks.  Jane was able to assist with the delivery and quietly help set up in an adjacent room.  When she went to say hello to her boy, his happiness quickly turned into a panicked question, "Mom, where is the pizza?"  He was obviously quite relieved when he was assured everything was there.  Many thanks to Ms. Barbara and team for a super fun pizza party!
Jason & Cam
Saturday marked opening day for the WMML!!  Cam is playing for the A's team this spring.  The chilly temps (in the 30's) didn't deter the excitement or smiles.  Zeeland's baseball team volunteered as helpers and Jason hung out with Cam. 

Cam's fan club consisted of his parents, Oma & Opa, Emma and Taylor.  A big thanks for all of the support on a much cooler day...  Here's to hoping our spring season feels more like spring for next week's game!

“It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. It took one afternoon on the golf course.”  ~Hank Aaron

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