Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Sweetness - Week of July 11th

With the temperatures in full summer swing, the family met up with cousins in Grand Haven for dinner and ice cream. You may know someone that enjoys a cool treat, but Cameron truly loves chocolate ice cream. Pictured here with his awesome cousins, he couldn't help but try to savor that chocolatey taste as long as possible.

Another treat this week for Cam was spending time with his one of his most favorite Cam-sitters, Sarah. We had to say goodbye to her for a few months due to her school commitments. She gave her buddy some early birthday presents -a new electric bubble blower and nerf toy rocket launcher which he's been playing with daily.
It is so sweet to see Cam's face light up when he sees Sarah. She's been such a blessing for our family and we're so happy she'll be back to Cam-sit in the winter.

The family ventured to the cottage for the weekend spending time with Jane's classmate and best friend from grade school/junior high, Leslie, and her wonderful girls, Erin and Allison. It didn't take long for Cameron to warm up to the girls and they thoroughly enjoyed playing on the beach with him. Erin & Allison decided that one of their favorite Cam pics was him posing in the bathtub with his hand under his chin and the girls decided to copy that same pose!

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