Sunday, January 18, 2009

Annie's BDay! - Week of Jan. 12th

Cameron was a very lucky boy this week... he had his nanny, Anne, here for 2 nights and his Grandma here for 2 nights! The treacherous Michigan weather is actually providing an advantage for Cam since he had more time with a couple of his favorite girls.

Chris and Jane had a fun night out on Friday thanks to Cam's new babysitter, Andrea. And Cameron was such a good boy for her and went to bed on time and without fussing- way to go, Cam!
Sunday was a special day as the family traveled north to celebrate Anne's birthday and cousin Mike's birthday! Happy Birthday!!
It was so much to see friends and family.
Cam gave everyone kisses and showed off his 'high five' skills. He watched the Eagles game with his Uncle Joe and had some giggle fun with Aunt Joyce.

Cameron didn't want to miss any of the fun, so his nap was postponed until he finally gave in at 4pm. Chris decided to join in a little snooze so that Cam wouldn't feel too badly about missing anything...

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