Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oreos! - Week of Jan. 19th

The Weatherford household was full of activity this week! Cameron had fun hanging out with his nanny, Anne, and trying some new foods. His latest favs include grilled cheese, fish sticks, and mini oreos. You can see from this picture what tops that list!

Chris & Jane had a few nights out, enjoying a movie and 'errand night'. Cameron was such a good boy for his babysitters, Andrea & Kate. Although he protests a little bit when his parents leave, he definitely has a great time playing with the girls.

Grandma offered to babysit on Thursday evening while Chris & Jane went to see a pro volleyball tournament with their good friends, Dave & Lisa. Of course, Cam loved spending extra time with Grandma. Thanks again!

Due to the chilly weather, it was an uneventful weekend made for staying inside our cozy, warm home. Luckily for Chris & Jane, Cameron filled the days with giggles, new sounds, and lots and lots of playtime.

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