Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Word? - Week of July 20th

Newsflash...Cameron said the word "Ma-Mom" twice on Friday! Chris and Jane both heard it very clearly and Grandma had heard it earlier in the day- way to go Cam!! Of course, there has now been quite a bit of time spent repeating the word "Da-Dad."

What a fun week- Chris has been diligently working on deck building and Cam has been taking in all of the activity.

When Grandma came into watch Cameron, she and Cam ended up being color-coordinated that day!
Grandma even played some songs on the new piano and Jane & Grandma sang to Cam.

A new activity for the big boy is to kneel in front of a cushion for playtime. He seems to enjoy it and Annie joined in the fun. Cam and his shoes are definitely getting a good workout being in the walker every day.
Over the weekend, Cam hung out with his cousins and had a little beach time on Sunday watching Chris play some beach volleyball. He can't wait to join in the game!

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