Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy BDay Dad - Week of July 6th

A big Happy Bday to Chris who celebrated his birthday on Friday this week! Cam was very excited to cheer his Dad on for his special day.

This week, Cam tried yummy Jet's pizza and loved it- how could he not? And he likes to imitate the "blowing" sound made to cool off food before he eats it.

Jane & Cameron headed up to the family cottage for the weekend, while Chris had a boys' weekend with friends.

As always, the family cottage area was filled with activities.

Cam spent some time with lots of his cousins and played on the beach again.

'Auntie' Meg expertly taught Cameron how to pour water on his mom and place cold, wet sand on her leg!

This time he didn't eat quite as much sand, since it appears he may have decided that although the crunching sound is fun, sand definitely lacks some flavor.
At the end of Cam's beach time, it appeared to Grandma and Jane that Cam had a good part of the beach stuck to his body- it's a good thing the boy loves to take baths!

What a beautiful summer Michigan weekend...

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