Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sick Again - Week of July 13th

It was a tough week for Cam as he battled a nasty cold, complete with sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and for some reason- lack of sleep!

Despite all of the sickness, though, he still managed to make the best of it...

Before he was became ill, Mandy from Design 1, did a great job cutting Cameron's hair, even though he was pretty squirmy in that chair. He just had to see what Mandy's scissors were doing all of the time.

On Friday, Cam started to feel better and walked in his walker back and forth on the driveway with Grandma three separate times- way to go!

The weekend included a family visit to celebrate cousin Steff's birthday and Chris' with yummy cake and ice cream. Cameron certainly does like a bit of tasty cake and was thankful that his Dad decided to part with a bit of his own.
A special birthday wish to Cam's godmother, Joanne, who celebrated her bday on Monday!
By Sunday, Cameron finally settled back in to his regular sleeping routine, taking a long afternoon nap and resting peacefully through the night...sweet dreams everyone...

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