Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas - Week of Dec. 22nd

Christmas week finally arrived! Cameron was very good this year as evident by a visit from Santa. The massive amounts of Michigan snow derailed a few shopping plans for Chris and Jane, but everything worked out.

On Christmas eve, Cameron and his parents spent a quiet evening together.
Jane finally let Chris & Cam open
1 present before going to bed...

Christmas Day was lots of fun for the family.
Cameron very much enjoyed ripping paper and pulling ribbons.
He was so caught up in the excitement, he almost forgot to take a nap!

Grandma & Grandpa Miller and Aunt Tracy all had a good time watching Cam explore his new toys and books.
On Friday, the family traveled north for the Jellema family Christmas party where Santa actually made an appearance! Cam was a little unsure of the long white beard at first, but he eventually decided that Santa was a pretty funny guy.

Cam saw many of his cousins, Aunts and Uncles and even had special story time with Uncle Joe.
Saturday evening included a very special visit from 'big Sis' Lauren and her older brother, Brandon. They had a great time catching and watching Cameron 'give kisses.'

Sunday was another special day as the family enjoyed visiting with 'Auntie' Amanda! Amanda will be Cam's eye doctor when he's older.
It was quite a busy week, but so special for Chris, Jane and Cameron as they celebrated Cam's 2nd Christmas with lots of family and close friends. Hope you all had a great Christmas holiday!

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