Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bottling Pro (sort of) - Sept 15th & 16th

The nurses told us that Cameron may be a little out-of-it this weekend due to his circumcision (don't blame you there buddy). On Saturday, Cam devoured almost all of his feedings with a bottle. Just before 2:00 pm, they removed his gavage tube since he was trying to pull it out. It stayed out until 5:00 am the next day. This means that Cameron is close to not needing his feeding tube at all! His mom and dad were so proud of him.

On Sunday, Cam's parents came by in the morning to feed him. The little man drank all of his bottle this morning. However, his 2:00 bottle he just didn't have enough energy to get through the whole bottle. He took it easy on this one and just drank half....saving his strength for the next feedings.

Chris and Jane went to see their good friends Greg and Jill who were visiting from Florida. They are excited to meet Cam later this week.

Cam's parents were back for his nightly feeding. He was still whipped out from the long day (and the circumcision). On top of all this, Cameron got two new cribmates in his room as well. Lots of activity and not a lot of quiet time. Tomorrow is a new day!

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