Monday, September 17, 2007

5 POUNDS!!! - Sept 17th

Cameron's Monday morning started out great. He drank his 2:00 & 5:00 am bottles like a champ and waited for his dad at 8:00. He was so excited to see Chris first thing in the morning that he forgot how to drink from the bottle. He finally remembered...after much coaxing from his 30 minutes and decided to finish his bottle. Once again proving that he is on his own schedule.

Cam's Grandma Mary Ellen and Jane came to visit but they didn't have as much luck at 11:00. Cameron would not wake up but preferred to snooze instead. But then like a champ he finished all of his 2, 5 and 8 pm bottles!

Our biggest news today though is that Cameron weighed in over the five pound mark!!! His parents were extremely excited to see this. He is so close to coming home now and they can't wait.


Anonymous said...

5 lbs - way to go Cam! Great job buddy and we are so excited for you & your mom/dad to be counting down the days until you get to check out your home!

Anonymous said...

YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!! Go five-pounder, go!

Anonymous said...

We love you, Jane, Chris, and Cam. That "five-pounder" comment was frome us too!

Anonymous said...

5 pounds ain't no joke! you almost weigh as much as lisa at this point!

love you all,