Sunday, September 2, 2007

I drank from a BOTTLE!!!! - Sept 2nd

Oh yea, oh yea, oh was an exciting day for Chris, Jane and Cameron. Cameron turned two weeks old today! Happy two-week bday little buddy!!!

The day started off as usual when Cameron was visited bright and early by his father. Chris helped to change and feed the little man his breakfast. While all of the nurses said that he spit up a little for them during his feedings, Chris had the magic touch (thanks Cam). Soon after eating Cameron was fast a sleep and Chris left for work.

Mom arrived a little later with Cam's Grandma to hang with Lil C some more. The three of them just hung out for the afternoon. Jane read the family photo album to her mom and Cameron (again!!!).

Then when Chris and Jane came back after dinner, Nurse Ann suggested that they could try giving Cameron his first bottle. This is what they call 'nippling' (no comment). Ann warned us not to have high expectations as this was his first attempt at 'nippling'. Amazingly enough, Cameron was a champ and sucked away 5ml of milk. Ann was extremely impressed. Cam's parents were overjoyed with their boy's progress. Big high five for Cam!

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