Friday, September 21, 2007

Poster Boy - Sept 20th & 21st

On Thursday, Chris kinda...maybe....sort of.....overslept a little bit. He actually didn't make it up there in time for Cameron's breakfast. That's okay though because one of Cam's favorite nurses was caring for him today.

Grandma Mary Ellen arrived for a visit. She and Jane went to see Cameron. He drank almost all of his bottles for his mom today...even though it took a long time. Jane was asked to complete their discharge survey today in anticipation of going home soon. She was pretty excited to finally have an opportunity to give accolades to all their favorite nurses and staff. Then we had a big surprise...a woman who handles neonatal relations asked if Jane would consent to have Cameron's picture taken for a new brochure that they are creating (Cam's first modeling contract???). Obviously his parents agreed to this. Now Grandma has something more to brag about.

Friday morning, Chris actually set his alarm so he was up there on time to see Cameron. Everything went good with his morning feeding and the nurse said that he has bottled everything since 2:00 yesterday afternoon....keep it up buddy.

When mom got there for the 11:00 feeding, Cam kept up his strength and finished without a hitch. The nurse told Jane that she would remove his feeding tube (gavage) before his 2:00 pm pressure. Cameron was so excited not to have this tube in his nose that he happily drank every last drop from his bottle at 2:00, 5:00 and 8:00 pm.

As a special treat, Cam had his second tub bath before his 8:00 pm feeding tonight. As you can see he really enjoyed it. Many thanks to our nurse Lora for these awesome pics!

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