Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cameron's Big Weekend - Sept 8th & 9th

Saturday Chris and Jane slept in a little. They didn't get up to the hospital until mid-morning, just in time to check on Cameron for a few minutes before the infant massage class. Cameron wasn't too excited about this class at the time but we think the next session will be better. Next on the agenda, Chris and Jane took an infant CPR course.

After all of these classes, it was time for some fun! Jane decided it was time to give Cam his first real bath in a little tub so dad got the water was perfect. We didn't think Cameron would be too happy (he hates being undressed), but to our surprise he seemed to love it. He really liked getting his hair washed (it was recommended we do this first just in case he had a little 'accident' in the tub). He also loved his soft Winnie the Pooh bath towels....much better than the generic hospital towels.

This wore Cameron out so Chris and Jane decided to let him rest for a while. They went home to work on Cam's room and cry over the U of M game. After that depressing display it was great to go see Cam again for the evening.

On Sunday, Cameron showed great strides. He drank 24 ml from his bottle this morning for his dad (big high five). Then this evening, Cam's grandma stopped by to see him. His parents weighed Cameron before he ate tonight and he was up to 4 lbs 8 oz!!! After this he had another bottle and drank a whole 23 ml for his mother (another big high five).

All in all it was a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I loved seeing little buddy Cam yesterday, Monday. He opened his eyes, wrinkled his forehead as he contemplated the world, and went back to sleep! He also protested loudly when Jane changed his diaper. He is the cutest, sweetest, smartest ever! love, aunt joyce
Hey, Cam, my friend- keep up all the good work and before you know it, we'll be at a Cub's game.Keep stretching that pitching arm in the meantime. I bet you will be home in time for the World Series. love, uncle Joe